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Five Activities That Can Add Years To Your Life

Everyone knows that a good exercise program increases weight loss. If you are dieting, you no doubt have come up with some type of workout regimen to help boost your metabolism, and speed up your fat loss efforts. Exercise is also known for improving sleep, keeping the skin healthy and lessening your chances of heart disease, among other things. But, many people aren’t aware of several new studies that show how particular forms of exercise can actually add years to your life! Following, you will learn what types of exercise may increase your longevity, as well as keep you in shape.


Did you know that jogging for one half hour five times per week can add up to 6 years to your life-span? That is two and one half hours each week. Sounds doable, right? And, that’s not running. Just brisk jogging can be the answer to a fitter body, and a longer life.

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Taking The Stairs

A recent study indicates that when sedentary people stop taking the elevator, and opt for taking the stairs instead, they can cut their risk of dying at an early age by ten to fifteen per cent. Now, that makes stair-climbing sound a whole lot less tedious!


Tip: Build a garden. It is not a simple task to start up a garden, it does take some effort.

Swimming is an activity that many of us choose purely for enjoyment. It’s fun, it feels great, and the whole family can join in. But now, studies indicate that regular swimming can reduce the risk of early demise by fifty per cent. Wow! That’s huge! And, swimming appears to have greater health benefits than other forms of exercise when it comes to increasing longevity. More fun, and a longer life- it’s a win-win!


Biking has long been known for its exercise benefits. Many people who live in close proximity to their jobs have given up their gas-guzzling cars for bicycles to transport them to work. So, you can save money on gas, get some fresh air into your lungs and get some exercise as well. A leisurely ride can be fun, as well as exhilarating. However, did you know that by ramping up your pedaling speed, you can add some serious years to your life? Studies have shown that when you push yourself to ride faster, you can add up to five years to your life!

Walking-The Old Stand-By

For years, people have thought that a healthy, beneficial workout needed to be a minimum of thirty minutes of sweaty exercise in order to do the body any good. However, since it has become harder for many people to carve that thirty minutes out of their busy days, research has been done showing that fifteen minutes per day of brisk exercise, such as walking, cycling, or jogging, can add up to three years to your life. That’s something to strive for!

As you can see, exercise is not only good for your overall weight loss and fitness plan, it can boost your life expectancy by leaps and bounds. The key here is intensity. To get the full benefits of exercise, do it faster, and harder. A longer life is well worth the effort!

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Enjoy Your Life More By Including Fitness In Your Daily Routine

People are spending an enormous amount of money each year, to the tune of twenty billion dollars, on trying to figure out a way to lose those unwanted pounds. They are buying dietary supplements by the handfuls hoping that by taking them the pounds will drop off like magic. Now, although there are many dietary supplements that are effective and good for us they will never be a substitute for a good solid fitness program.

The most effective advice I can provide to the average person wanting to lose weight is to start small and don’t complicate the process. Too often we think that we must join a gym or buy some type of exercise equipment in order to be successful. Now of course these methods are nice but many tread mills throughout the world are covered in inches of dust because someone bought them but stopped using it in a very short period of time. The problem I have with gyms is that many of the people over weight become intimidated by those muscle bound men or perfectly shaped women that go there as well. In most cases people that join a gym will stop attending it very quickly because of this very fact.

Since I have spent time in the Marine Corps I can tell you that we didn’t need any fancy equipment to stay in shape. The fact is that the simpler we can make our daily fitness routine the greater the chances of continuing it day after day are. Current studies show that people that exercise on a daily basis for approximately one hour will not only lose weight but keep that weight off year after year. Although I truly appreciate this statistic I’m not sure it took a study to prove it. It just goes without saying that staying active and participating in some type of daily fitness program will work.

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Tip: Most people try to reach their fitness goals by lifting weights. There are six exercises that you need: bridges, handstand push ups, push ups, pull ups, squats, and leg raises.

So let’s talk about ways to develop a simple fitness plan that we can do daily. Let’s start with something we can do right within our homes for those that may be in an area that has inclement weather. If you have stairs a simple, but effective program is to either step up and then step down on the first step, or go up and down the entire staircase several times. Start off small and grow your program. Don’t try to overdo it on the first day or week.

Another in house fitness routine is to simply walk or run in place. Maybe do something called a bend and thrust or even jumping jacks in place. Remember you don’t need expensive equipment like a tread mill. Yes they are nice but not necessary if you don’t have the money.

Finally, you must eat intelligently. Learn what foods are good for you like fiber and meats that are not filled with fat. Also find out how many daily calories you should take in based on your current weight. However, again don’t complicate it. Don’t find yourself taking the fun out of your daily fitness routine or you will soon stop doing it. Be smart and be logical about the way you exercise and the way you eat. Also remember that most habits take about 29 days to develop so don’t give up to quickly. Good luck.

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Fitness Means Healthy Living

As a person gets older they think about fitness in a way that is different than a person who is younger than them. True fitness means healthy living. It means you eat right, get enough rest, and it means you exercise on a regular bases, even if it is only for a few minutes everyday.

A person who exercises all of the time but never worries about the types of foods or supplements he/she puts in their body may have a false sense of fitness. Just because you may look good on the outside does not mean you are healthy on the inside. Too many people today take unhealthy supplements or powdered shakes that are not really good for the body. You have seen pencil thin people who think that fitness means you do not eat and if you do you better go exercise right away to make sure you do not gain an ounce. This is unhealthy and should not be a part of your fitness routine.

You may know people who train for hours and hours and eat protein bars and only drink sports drinks and sometimes water. They too have a false sense of fitness. Fitness does not mean depriving your body of nutrients and stressing it out. You never want to think that you are healthy because you saw some star or athlete, even some well respected person in your town doing these things.

Tip: Walking can help you to attain the fitness goals that you desire. To maximum the effectiveness of your walking workout, push off using the heel first and then your toes last.

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When children think of fitness sometimes they do think of famous athletes. You may see an athlete who has trained their whole life to win championships so they will not eat certain foods, they exercise, but they don’t have a problem taking or putting some type of drugs in their bodies like marijuana or some type of steroids. This is far from what fitness is supposed to be. A person does not have to be young to think about fitness. As we get older our bodies start to change, and we may find that we are eating better and taking vitamins and minerals that will help us to stay healthy. Adding a healthy exercise routine everyday such as walking is the type of fitness a person of any age group can think about.

A healthy person who wants to be fit makes sure they have a balanced view. How you treat your body matters. You put good things in your car to make them run, so why wouldn’t you put good things such as healthy foods and clean water into your vehicle, your body. If you exercise, eat foods that do not have any nutritional value that do not allow you to even gain an ounce, what good is it to be pencil thin and not be healthy? If you train yourself to be fit and try to eat healthy food but put drugs into your body, than how healthy or fit can you be? When a person thinks of fitness they should think of a balanced healthy living.

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The Best Golf Fitness Exercises For The Quickest Results

Golf fitness exercises that are the most effective are rotational in nature, incorporating your core. This is the engine to your swing! If your core is weak or restricted, you will have a very difficult time generating clubhead speed and power at impact.

Tip: If you are mentally prepared it can be very important, just as crucial as being in shape when you are golfing. Try to forget about other stresses you have and focus on your golf game.

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Golf fitness exercises don’t need to be grueling, sweaty and in a gym to be effective. The beauty of athletic training is the value of using your own body and minimal equipment to get maximum benefit.

Tip: No matter what you may have heard, retain the same position for your ball for every one of your shots. This will help you establish a permanent stance.

Many golfers feel they don’t have the time or resources to implement a golf fitness exercise training program; and yet they’ll hit balls 2-3 times a week and spend hundreds of dollars on clubs and gimmicky training aids.

If many of these golfers took a step back and asked themselves “have I improved with this approach”, I’ll bet most of them would say no. The reason being it’s not your equipment, it’s YOU! Your body dictates your performance. Period! If the machine is broken, the swing will be too.

Tip: One sage piece of advice about golf is to be easy about it all. You’re going to make mistakes, and having the ability to laugh them off not only helps you reset mentally for your next shot, it means you can relax more.

I can’t say this enough. Until golfers realize it’s their body’s keeping them from a better game, they’ll continue to walk off the course frustrated and contemplating quitting the game.

Tip: If you know some good golfers, play with them on a regular basis and observe their swings closely. There are various ways to benefit from a pro golfer.

I read a statistic the other day quoting how many golfers quit the game every year. It was a HUGE number! I wonder why so many golfers are quitting? I can only guess it’s because they are not enjoying it, because they have invested time and money and not seen results.

Tip: You got yourself into sand trap trouble, but it is still important to think about the person following you. Try to take some time to rake up the area that you took the swing at.

Implementing a few simple golf fitness exercises can make all the difference. I want you to picture the “main movement” in the golf swing. It’s “rotational!” So why wouldn’t you improve your rotational strength and flexibility?

This is a must!

Tip: If you are feeling that you are swinging too fast and that that your club head is not able to really guide you through your swing, one easy trick to help is to try out a more lightweight grip. You should be able to focus on the weight of club head to focus on the mechanical aspect of the move.

You’ve got to come up with a program; hire a golf fitness trainer; or search for a program on the web by typing in terms like golf fitness, golf exercises, even golf training. Talk a little time reviewing the results and then ACT.

Get it going right away! Don’t put it of any longer. The sooner you start the sooner your game will improve.

To get the quickest results, take a look at core rotational exercises when reviewing these programs that implement golf fitness exercises.

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Yoga For Business People: Lifetime Habit

Mr. La Forge (Yoga Trainer) suspects that because the mind-body exercises typically are easier to pursue, executives have a better chance of making a lifetime habit of them. To see if his hunch is correct, he launched a five-year study of 110 middle- and upper-level executives in companies in the US. He tracks their exercise habits and see if those incorporating mind-body techniques stick with the program longer.
Devotees say the mind-body exercise regimen has a payoff in the workplace, as well.
Barry Moltz, 36, founder and CEO of CHTech International., a mail-order distributor of computer hardware and software, started doing Yoga a year ago at the to balance the pressures of growing a business with starting a family. He still works out in a gym and commutes to work on his bicycle, but he also meditates in the half-lotus position for 15 or 20 minutes at night after his two young children have gone to sleep.
He says most of his friends, also in their mid-30s, have jumped on similar mind-body fitness tracks.
”I think the toughest part about running a company is that there are so many demands on your time. When I meditate, it really allows me to relax and focus all my energies in one place,” he says. ”Now when I’m involved in a meeting, I can be immersed in that meeting instead of thinking about 15 other things. And people really respond when you’re totally focused on just them.”
The pressures of the job say you shouldn’t be satisfied where you are today. You can never feel like you’ve achieved anything because it’s very elusive. Yoga and meditation allows you to be happier and more effective in what you’re doing now.

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Astanga Vinyasa Yoga

Astanga, or sometimes spelled ashtanga Yoga is actually taught today by a man named Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, in Mysore, India. He has brought astanga yoga to the west about 25 years ago and still teaches today at 91 years of age. Astanga yoga began with the rediscovery of the ancient manuscript Yoga Korunta. It describes a unique system of Hatha yoga as practiced and created by the ancient sage Vamana Rishi. It is believed to be the original asana practiced intended by Patanjali.
The Yoga Korunta emphasizes vinyasa, or breath-synchronized movement, where one practices a posture with specific breathing patterns associated with it. This breathing technique is called ujayyi pranayama, or the victorious breath, and it is a process that produces intense internal heat and a profuse sweat that purifies and detoxifies the muscles and organs. This also releases beneficial hormones and nutrients, and is usually massaged back into the body. The breath ensures efficient circulation of blood. The result is improved circulation, a light and strong body and a calm mind.
There is a proper sequence to follow when practicing Astanga yoga. One must graduate from one sequence of postures to move onto the next. The Primary Series (Yoga Chikitsa) detoxifies and aligns the body, purifying it so that toxins do not block. The Intermediate Series (Nadi Shodhana) purifies the nervous system by opening and clearing the energy channels, allowing energy to pass through easily. The Advanced Series A, B, C, and D (Sthira Bhaga) integrate the grace and stamina of the practice, which calls for intense flexibility.
It is best to find a trained and knowledgeable teacher to assist you through this discipline. It is an intense practice that is rigorous, six days a week. You are guaranteed to find inner peace and fulfillment with each breath you take.

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Get In Shape With A Busy Schedule

Are you constantly doing something. Do you still want to get into great shape? Then you’ve come to the right spot. I’m going to give you a few tips and tricks I’ve assembled so that you can get fit without having to put a whole lot of time or effort into. If you stick to my routine, you’ll find that after a while you’ll start looking and feeling better!

Start off every morning with a few jumping jacks. Not only are these great exercise, but they’ll also get your heart pumping and wake you right up. I personally do about fifty of them each morning. After you’ve done some jumping jacks, you’ll find you’re ready to start your morning! You’re probably not going to want to do exercise as soon as you get out of bed, but if you push yourself to do it, I guarantee you’ll feel better throughout the day.

Any time you find yourself standing, whether it’s in line at the grocery store or in front of the stove while you cook, do some standing calf raises. How do you do this? Stand with your legs shoulder length apart and raise up onto the ball of your foot. Then slowly lower yourself back down. These are really simple to do but they build up calf muscles very easily.

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Tip: Many people work toward their fitness goals by going to the gym to lift weights. All you need are six exercises.

If you’re spending time on the phone, reading a book, or watching TV, then do some static wall sits while you do it. How do you do this? It’s actually really easy. Stand against a flat wall, then lower yourself down into a sitting position. It should look like you’re sitting in a chair, but without the chair. Hold this position for as long as you possibly can. It may seem easy at first but trust me, after a minute or two, you’ll feel the burn in your legs.

Whenever you have a few free minutes, drop down and do some sit ups or push ups. Remember these tedious things from elementary school gym classes? If you’re anything like me, you probably dreaded them. But now they’re quick and easy exercise techniques that can help you get fit without a whole lot of time or effort.

Of course, there’s also the obvious fitness tricks. Park further away from your destination, always take the stairs instead of the elevator, etc. While these alone aren’t going to get you in marathon condition, they’ll definitely help improve your overall fitness level. Plus, they burn a couple extra calories and even only a couple extra calories burned can make a huge difference in your fitness.

Remember that weight loss doesn’t happen overnight. Since this routine isn’t a very high impact routine, it’ll take you a while before you see the results. This routine is designed for someone who doesn’t have much time in their schedule for exercise. The trick to this routine is to do it regularly so that you’re burning more calories on average than you used to do.

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