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No Time Is No Excuse

The most common excuse I hear for not exercising is the old “I don’t have time for it!” routine. But the truth is, you do have time for it. Fitness doesn’t just mean going to the gym for a few hours every day. There are plenty of ways for you to get fit without having to spend a lot of time doing. Sure, the more time you put into it the faster you’ll get results, but you don’t need to put hours upon hours into it just to get into shape.

I’ve developed a basic twenty-minute workout that you can do from anywhere. Whether you’re waiting for your kid to wake up from their nap or if you’re stuck in a hotel room on a trip, you can do this work out to get in shape or maintain your level of fitness.

The first thing I do is warm up with fifty jumping jacks. Jumping jacks are a simple exercise that anyone of any fitness level can accomplish. If fifty is too easy for you, then up the level to a hundred or two hundred. Don’t just skip them because you find them too easy. You need to get a little bit of a warm up before you start working.

Tip: Buying new clothes for your workouts may be the confidence boost you need to stay motivated. It doesn’t matter how large the item is.

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The next thing I do is twenty five body weight squats. These are another relatively easy exercise that has a pretty big impact. If you’re having trouble with them, you can use a chair to assist you until you get the hang of it. But don’t rely on that chair for too long! After a week or two you should be able to do them without any assistance.

After that, I move into push ups and sit ups. I’m sure you remember these from your elementary school days. While they may have been the bane of your existence back then, now they’re quick little exercises that will help you get into shape. I do about twenty five of each of those. Like everything else, if you’re finding that you’re not being challenged, then feel free to up the number you’re doing.

Once you’ve done those, do another fifty jumping jacks to give yourself a final boost. Don’t do too many this time around since this is where we begin doing our wind down routine. You don’t want to do from high impact to doing nothing, else your body will feel like crap.

Tip: Don’t spend more than one hour lifting weights. Muscle wasting can begin in as little as an hour after starting an intense workout.

The last part of the routine are static wall sits. Find a clear wall and lean against it. Then slowly lower your body until you’re in a sitting position, as if you were sitting in a chair. Maintain this position for thirty seconds to a minute (or longer if you can!) This is a great way to end a workout. Not only are you still getting exercise, but you get a bit of a breather too!

By the end of the twenty minute workout, you should be sweating a good bit. If you’re not, then you weren’t pushing yourself hard enough. Now that you know about this work out, you can no longer use the excuse that you don’t have time for exercise!

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Set Your Fitness Goals And Strive To Meet Them

Are you looking to get more fit and meet your fitness goals? If you’re looking to live a healthy lifestyle, then you want make sure that you keep the nutritional and fitness aspects of your life in the forefront. A good way to meet these goals is to find a personal coach or trainer to help you get fit. Keep in mind that a lot of people join a gym or fitness club to meet their goals; however, they rarely use their membership. If you’re looking to get fit, then you need to set a goal and find a way to get motivated to meet your goal.

If you’re looking to live a healthy lifestyle, then you want to keep fitness and nutrition at the forefront. Living a healthy lifestyle will allow you to deal with and avoid stress in your life. Without living a healthy lifestyle, your body will be limited by its current strengths and capabilities. It’s also a good idea to live a healthy lifestyle so that you can avoid gaining weight and have the ability to do the physical activities that you hope to do in your life. Live a healthy lifestyle will add energy to your life and it will help you avoid sickness.

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If you are trying to change your lifestyle and live a healthier life, then you might want to consider getting a personal coach or fitness trainer. A personal coach will help you exercise and eat correctly as well as help you meet your fitness goals. A lot of people find that it’s easier to go to the gym and workout when they have a personal coach helping them out. The number one reason to get a personal trainer is to help you plan out your exercise regime, meet your goals, and provide adequate motivation for meeting your goals. Having a personal coach or trainer will help you meet your goals and make you more excited about your successes in the gym.

Tip: Plant a garden of your own. Many don’t expect gardening to be as difficult as it is.

A lot of people join a gym or fitness club, because they are looking to lose some weight. Although the gym is a great place to meet your fitness goals, you do have to use your membership and show up to succeed with your fitness goals. A lot of people joined gyms and never user memberships, because they live a sedentary life. In addition to using your gym membership and working out, you need to realize that nutrition is an important aspect of your world fitness. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that you work out and eat the right foods to meet your fitness goals.

Now that you have learned how to meet your fitness goals, you can take action to find success and motivation. It’s important to not only focus on the fitness aspect of getting into shape, but also eating right and focusing on nutrition. Keep in mind, that you might find more success with in meeting your fitness goals if you use a personal coach or trainer. Remember that a lot of people joined a gym with the hopes of losing weight and getting fit; however, they never show up because they are too lazy. Don’t find yourself in this state of mind. Set your goals and strive to meet them.

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Cure Through Yoga

Yoga in a popular position Yoga, one of the world’s oldest forms of exercise, is experiencing a rebirth in our stressful modern world. You wouldn’t think that a 3000-year-old exercise could increase its popularity. But yoga is now being prescribed even by some medical practitioners for a range of health ailments and illnesses, as a stress reliever and to complement other fitness programs.

Talk to anyone who practises yoga and they will quickly extoll an endless list of benefits. It seems beginners quickly become converts. They believe it is the key to good health and happiness in today’s world _ a common goal for most people. But probably the greatest advertisement for yoga is the fact that it seems to have graduated from the weird and alternative ranks into a position of fairly wide community acceptance.

Housewives, businessmen, sportspeople, teenagers and the aged are all practising a variety of yoga positions, meditation and associated breathing exercises. For many, yoga becomes a way of life _ often giving a more spiritual side to people’s lives, although not necessarily linked to religion. One school of belief maintains that chronic and accumulated stress is the reason for many of our modern illnesses.

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Proponents of yoga argue that it has a multiplicity of techniques to counter that cause and, unlike drug therapy, attack the cause, not just the symptoms. It offers, they say, a holistic approach to health and fitness. Many professional athletes, looking for the edge have turned to yoga as a supplementary form of training. They have found that yoga aids their state of mental and physical relaxation between training sessions, and their crucial build-up to big meets, where a competition is usually won or lost in the mind.

Perhaps one of yoga’s major attractions is that it combines physical and mental exercise. It is excellent for posture and flexibility, both key physical elements for most sports-people, and in some respects, there are strength benefits to be gained. Yoga teachers say that the approach of yoga therapy is one of the most effective ways of achieving the mental edge that athletes seek.

Marian Fenlon, one of Brisbane’s leading yoga teachers of the past 20 years, is the author of two books on the subject and has had thousands of yoga pupils. Many of them have, in turn, become teachers. Believe it or not, she has even taught yoga to footballers. Many years ago, she took Brisbane Souths rugby league team for an eight-week course and, amazingly, it was well-received. She says there are eight components to yoga therapy – attitudes, disciplines, posture and flexibility, breathing, sensory awareness, concentration, contemplation and meditation. Yoga can play a substantial supporting role to modern medicine, and complement other fitness and exercise programs. While there is no great component of aerobic fitness in yoga therapy, it complements aerobic exercise because of breathing techniques that can be learned. So there are advantages for even the most demanding of aerobic sports – swimming, cycling and running. There are numerous documented cases of yoga relieving or curing serious illnesses – such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, and respiratory illnesses like asthma and emphysema.

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How To Get Fit

One of the oldest yet simplest questions yet to be 100% answered is : How do I get fit? Have you ever asked yourself this question before and never been satisfied with the work you put into answering this question for yourself? Well how about today you make all of your doubts change and stick to my three step plan to get fit quick!

Lets starts by talking about water. Water this, water that, I know you have heard enough of water intake, but lets be realistic: water makes you lose weight. When you intake water and especially cold water you boost your metabolism by fifty percent! Your body is constantly working on burning off your cold water intake that has absolutely zero calories. The more water you take in as possible in a day the more weight you are going to lose. Try drinking a glass of water at least every two hours and by the end of the day you will have had about 6 to 8 glasses of water.

You have to get your running shoes on and move that body! If your not sweating than your not burning calories and fat. Try doing something every day for at least 30 minutes to an hour, this can be in the morning time or the evening time after work. Soon enough you will have boosted your metabolism with exercising and water intake that you will start to see a difference in less than two weeks. Even getting involved with a school or community hobby like running or playing basketball will help you to get fit in no time as well as having some fun on the side.

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Tip: Fitness is something lots of people want, they life weights at home or the gym in their quest for better fitness. You really only need six exercises to maintain your body’s muscles, they are: push ups, pull ups, squats, leg raises, bridges and handstand push ups.

You have to “want” the change! You can read all day in magazines that it is better to be fit than not, but if you don’t want it yourself, it will never happen. Sad to say the majority of our population today wants to get fit, but they do not truly have the incentive and desire deep inside to do anything about it. If you don’t want to change your body yourself, than you will always be the same no matter how many times you try to convince yourself with the advertisements that surround you every day. Believe in yourself and watch the change happen!

So how do you get fit? You have to put your dreams, hopes, desires and expectations into action and that means you have to get up and do something about it! Getting fit is so much more than looking good like the people that are falsely advertised about every day, it is about feeling good inside and out with yourself.

Getting fit can bring joy to your inner-self because you have more confidence in who you are as well as making you feel healthier and happier. Just try these three simple steps of drinking water, exercising and believing in yourself and watch your body and life change. So just stop and think to yourself, is today the day that you make the changes in your life and become fit and happy? If the answer is yes, than what are you waiting for?

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How I Made Fitness A Part Of My Everyday Life

I was forever procrastinating fitness in my life, with no real excuse for doing so. Sure I’m as busy as the next girl, but putting your health off because of a few scheduling conflicts is just lame. Here’s how you can get fitness higher up on your list of priorities and finally make getting in shape a reality, just like I did! Make sure though, that anything you do is okay with your physician, especially if you have any re-existing health issues.

You Make A Date With Fitness

I’m serious: Mark a date on your calendar when you will start your fitness routine on a regular basis. Don’t mark yourself down for tomorrow, because you really need to plan this out and make sure you will adhere to the program. Pencil it in at least two weeks in advance and hype yourself up to look forward to it.

Prepare In The Best Possible Way: Shopping!

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This was easily my favorite part about getting ready for fitness in my life, and a prime motivator too. Go shopping wherever your budget allows and get some good cross-trainers. Find a pair that fit and support you well and you will be all set for any physical activity. Add to that a few sets of workout clothes, appropriate for outdoors or in, and throw something in that’s absolutely gorgeous. If it’s something exclusively for fitness and you can’t wait to be seen in it, you will make sure it really serves its purpose!

Become Educated About Your Program

Tip: Always mix in some variety into your workout and exercise routine. That way, you won’t get bored and decide to skip a workout.

I did a little research to find out which workouts would benefit which areas of my body and made sure the exercises were something I could get into. You don’t want to set yourself up for failure by setting unreasonable expectations: If it’s not something you will enjoy, you know you will never do it! But, the good news is that there are so many different avenues toward fitness that there are sure to be plenty for you.

Set Some Achievable Goals

I chose to start small, because I really was afraid that an unexpected meeting or event with the kid’s school would interfere, so I set small chunks of my schedule into fitness motion. Say you have an extra half an hour Thursday morning, go ahead and plan to exercise! Little by little, as I accomplished what I’d set out to, I realized that incorporating fitness was no different than anything else in everyday life, so long as I kept it a priority!

Use Warm-Ups And Stretches Wisely

I now know the importance of warming up my muscles, but I’ve also adopted some of the stretches as actual exercises. Since working out means changing and showering, which eats a lot of time on the clock, I’ve made a habit of doing the easy, but effective warm-ups two times during the day, sometimes more. For example, I break up the all day affair of sitting at my desk with a mini stretch routine. I like to start my day by stretching too, and sometimes that’s a great way to end it if it’s been very stressful. Of course, I stretch and warm-up before exercising every time too, but fitting this pattern into everyday life is actually pretty easy and such an important part of getting fit.

While it took me a few months to even make a marginal difference in how I look in a swimsuit, as I saw the changes I just became more and more psyched. Finally, I was doing the right thing for my body (and health) and balancing it all in with everyday life. Now, fitness is as much a habit as brushing my teeth and I have no intention of stopping, even after I look really good in that swimsuit. I mean really, really good.

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Fitness: More Than Just Working Out!

Staying fit is increasingly important in today’s society. There are magazines and books which line the shelves of nearly any store you go to today. These magazines often have examples of exercises to do if you want a flat stomach or tight abs but is exercise the only way to get fit?

Of course, exercise is a big step in becoming fit, but knowing your body and how to properly care for it can be even more important! There are many eating habits that will have you dropping the pounds as well as getting fit.

So where do you start then if you want to try changing your typical diet to improve your fitness?

Tip: In order to apply basic body building techniques, one thing you do is lift heavier weights for fewer reps. Focus on the area that you desire to increase mass in and do not divert from that region.

The first thing to acknowledge is: stop drinking sugars! Drinking soda adds much uneeded sugar and carbohydrates to your diet. By cutting out soda or sugary beverages and replacing them with water you will not only drop weight but subconsciously begin having a better diet.

Studies have found that those who cut out sugary drinks begin having a better nutritional diet than those who drink many sugary drinks.

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The next thing to know, is avoid using too many sauces! Many sauces have hidden calories and most people do not think to add them in, even if they are counting calories. While there are condiments that are better for your health than others, it is important to remember: less is more! Less condiments is more confidence!

Tip: “All crunches, all the time” is not the proper motto to follow if you want washboard abs. You can build strength on your body by building your abs, but you won’t really burn too much fat in the process.

Another important tip is to add fiber to your diet! Fiber helps to move unneeded things from your system and since fiber does not break down in your digestive system, it leaves you feeling fuller longer and becoming full sooner. Fiber can be found in grains, beans as well as fruits and vegetables.

Possibly one of the most important things to remember, is try to cook or prepare meals for yourself rather than go out to eat. When trying to get fit, going out to eat makes that difficult. When you prepare the meal yourself, you can decide what to put and what to keep out.

Restaurants don’t always use the highest grade materials or prepare meals that are specific to your needs so by making your own meals you are certain to get what you need out of your diet!

Tip: Always wear clothes you feel comfortable in when you work out. There’s a lot of pressure out there, especially at gyms and fitness centers, to wear the trendiest workout clothes around.

An important tip, but also one that seems like common sense is to pay attention to what you eat! Look at labels and compare them to similar items. Sometimes you will find that one thing may have significantly more vitamins and minerals than the other. By paying close attention to what you eat and how much you eat, you can drop weight quickly and easily.

Remembering to avoid roadblocks or temptations is also important. Try to keep temptations out of the house. Keep a variety of tasty, healthy snacks high in fiber and vitamins around instead. By doing this you are more likely to stick to your diet.

While fitness is commonly though of as only working out, it is important to remember you can become more fit by changing your diet as well!

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Go Straight To Video For Yoga Training

The various postures of yoga have long been used as a basis for the stretching moves that are prescribed for athletes or used in other forms of exercise. It’s no surprise, then, that a flood of yoga tapes is hitting the market.

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There are tapes for Olympic-level athletes and tapes for rank beginners. There are tapes that will challenge your strength and endurance, and tapes that will lull you into blissful relaxation.

Here’s a look at four yoga tapes, from the most difficult to the most basic. The only thing you need to get started is comfortable clothes and a non-skid surface like a sticky mat.

Embracing Power Yoga
This tape, led by Los Angeles instructor-to-the-stars Mark Blanchard, is the yoga version of boot camp. It’s 85 challenging minutes of constant movement designed to build strength and endurance, with Blanchard leading a class of 13 men and women.

The tape is billed as appropriate for all levels, and there’s a 5-minute segment at the beginning that offers a quick summary of how to do many of the basic yoga poses in the tape.

But that’s not enough for novices, and the rest of the tape is far too strenuous for those who aren’t extremely fit. You can tell that Blanchard isn’t very interested in newcomers to yoga because he ignores the poor, fumbling fellow in the back row who has little flexibility.

Despite these deficiencies, this tape is wonderfully challenging and effective workout, judging by the sweat that pours off the members of the class. But unless you’re already in good shape — and by the standards of this tape, that means you can do push-ups, balance easily on one leg and have abs of steel — you’ll be better off with an easier tape.

Yoga Zone: Power Yoga for Strength and Endurance
This routine provides a great introduction to the strength-building postures of power yoga. It’s taught by Lisa Bennett, who leads two exercisers through the 55-minute class.

One exerciser is a beginner; the other is more advanced. Beginners will be heartened to see that Bennett devotes plenty of time to helping Gina, the beginner, find modified versions of the postures that allow her to complete every segment of the routine. And veterans can learn much from her work with Charles as she guides him into more challenging moves.

One of Bennett’s major strengths is her ability to provide clear, detailed descriptions of proper form, from the angle of a bent knee to the direction of an extended arm.

Though there’s hard work to be done in this routine, Bennett’s comforting tone and understanding demeanor make it pleasurable.

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