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Getting Your Head In The Fitness Game

There are dozens upon dozens of new diets recommended every day. It seems like nearly everyone is trying to lose weight and get in shape any way they can. Sadly, many people jump from one fitness plan to another and never really see any lasting success. It would seem that their head isn’t in the game, so to speak.

Weight loss or any fitness goals, for that matter, all begin in your mind. You think about it, you decide you want it and you look for a fitness program that appeals to you. Well, if you’re like most people, you start out all go-ho and excited, but you start to get discouraged when you don’t see instant results. That’s when you jump to the newest popular fitness program.

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This cycle repeats itself until you are convinced that you cannot lose weight or get in shape no matter what you try. Have you considered that it isn’t the fitness program that you chose that’s causing you to fail, but your mind set instead? Here are a few secret tricks that just might help you get the most out of your favorite fitness program regardless of which one it is.

Tip: Counting calories is helpful when trying to lose weight. Being aware of the number of calories you consume each day is important, as it is the main factor in whether or not you will lose weight.

Envision what you will look like at your ideal weight. Imagine everything about it, your new found energy, what it will feel like, all the things you will be able to do without the excess weight. Let yourself imagine all the different ways your life will change once you are finally in shape. Will you go dancing? Will you go to the beach or swimming?

Determination will greatly increase your motivation. Keeping these images in your mind will help you through the times when you want to quit working out. When you start to feel like you aren’t making progress fast enough, think about that ideal body and what being fit will allow you to do.

Being realistic in your goals will go a long way towards actually reaching them. Trying to lose 20 pounds in 4 days is completely unrealistic, not to mention unhealthy. Choose a longer time frame, but don’t beat yourself up if you fall a little short. Any amount of weight loss or improvement in your fitness level is a step in the right direction.

Tip: Begin with smaller machines when you start weight lifting. Because these small muscles tire before the large ones, it is logical to work with dumbbells, barbells and other small weights before moving on to the larger machines.

Avoid negative people who try to get you to give up your fitness efforts. People may not intend to sabotage your efforts, but you need to recognize when it is sabotage and avoid it. Others will simply want to derail your success because they are jealous or worried that you won’t like them anymore. You need to understand that you are the one who determines your future, no one else.

Getting your mind in the game is the biggest secret to succeeding with weight loss or fitness. If you don’t have the right mind set or the determination to get through the difficult days, you are more apt to fail and give up. Think you can succeed and you will succeed.

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Senior Fitness Should Not Be Ignored

Most people are familiar with mall-walkers, a group of seniors that stay in shape by walking the perimeter of malls ever morning. However, senior fitness can involve many more activities to help them stay strong and healthy, despite their age. Senior fitness was recently named as a top fitness trend by a leading health organization. The field grows in popularity every year, and more specialists are available to help older adults and seniors get in shape.

Seniors often face health obstacles such as arthritis, heart disease, bone loss, and problems with balance. These can interfere with traditional exercise programs, creating risks for participants. Simple exercises can help older people get in shape and become healthier. Fitness programs should be specially designed for seniors so that exercise is safe and effective.

Yoga is important for many seniors, because it helps promote flexibility. It is therapeutic and highly recommended for people of every age. Many people find that yoga helps reduce pain caused by arthritis and other ailments. Yoga classes are also good for socialization and relaxation, which is important for everyone.

Tip: If so, consider another option. Biking is another excellent fitness activity.

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Flexibility can be improved by other types of exercise, such as stretching. This can help reduce painful joints and encourage more mobility. Range of motion in joints can decrease with age, yet this can be prevented with the right movements. Careful guidance can help seniors become more flexible and help improve their daily lives.

Many people experience balance problems as they age, and this interferes with their daily lives. Fitness experts that specialize in senior fitness can help train your body to be more balanced and stable. You will develop a stronger core and increase strength in your legs, and this can help you retain control over your body when standing or moving. Improving balance is important to help prevent falls that may break bones or cause other injuries.

Weight training helps strengthen bones and helps prevent bone loss as we age. This should ideally be started earlier in life, but it’s never too late to begin lifting weights to get in shape. Personal trainers can create a program to help you safely lift weights, even if you are a beginner. You’ll quickly see the benefits as you continue with your program.

Tip: Get creative when starting a fitness regimen. It isn’t necessary to go to the gym to get in shape.

Many fitness programs for seniors are covered by insurance, making them affordable and accessible. Proper fitness is encouraged to help reduce overall health costs. Contact your health insurance provider to learn which programs in your area are covered. Many plans even cover private personal trainers, and this is especially helpful to seniors that are unable to leave their homes.

Senior fitness classes are often available for free or at a very low cost at local senior centers or other community centers. Contact your local human resource agency to receive a listing of classes and other health programs designed for seniors. Many older adults can benefit from DVDs that are designed for seniors, and can be followed from home. This is helpful for anyone who can’t leave home, but still wants to stay in shape.

Everyone can benefit from being fit, and age should not be a deterrent. A healthy body contributes to a longer and more satisfying life. You should not hesitate to take advantage of the many resources available in senior fitness today.

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Fitness Secrets And Tips

It’s never too late to kick start your fitness goals and give yourself a make-over. Getting fit and keeping fit is not rocket science even though many people try and fail in their fitness goals every year – usually around the middle of January when their resolutions have worn thin just after signing up for some expensive gym membership.

If you really want to improve your fitness you’ve got to follow these tips;

” You can’t improve your fitness without including some type of physical activity in your daily routine. Don’t think you’ll do exercise “when you get the time” because that’ll never happen – schedule the time into your day to take part in some type of physical activity.

Tip: Decide on a fitness routine that you enjoy, and are confident you can maintain. You will anticipate your workouts since they are fun for you.

” It is recommended that everyone takes part in around 30 minutes of moderately intense activity each day. Moderately intense is the key word here – brisk walking will do the job just fine. If you don’t have thirty minutes to spare in one lump then split your activity into three 10 minutes walks with the dog – get your heart pumping and you’ll soon see the benefits.

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” Exercise buddies are a great idea and if you exercise with a friend you really are more likely to enjoy the experience and stick to your goals. You’re less likely to cancel if it means letting your friend down.

” Keep an exercise log to record your progress. There’s nothing like seeing a little progress to encourage you to keep on doing whatever you’ve been doing . . . in fact do it more!

Tip: The best way for a person to get more out of his or her routine is to do a wide variety of exercises. If you often workout on the treadmill, try running through the neighborhood.

” Another way to build exercise and fitness into your day is to slightly rearrange your life. Nothing major you understand, but how about taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work, walking to work if you live close enough or if not parking a couple of blocks away and walking for the last ten minutes. All it takes is a little planning and perhaps getting up ten minutes earlier and your fitness levels will soar.

” Don’t forget to have fun with your fitness goals. Getting fit can get pretty boring if you just jog around the same old park every day. Encourage your family to have fitness fun with you – play games in the park, go for a cycle ride, go swimming, play hide and seek, buy a trampoline, jump rope, hula hoop – just get moving.

” Although exercise is the most important aspect of fitness you also need to remember to watch what you eat. The majority of people start exercise not only to increase their fitness but also to help them to lose weight. Remember this important fact – you get fit in the gym and you lose weight in the kitchen. It’s no good going for a thirty minute walk every morning and then calling in for a donut and double latte on the way to work, that just kind of defeats the object.

Improving your fitness is healthy and it’s fun – and once you start you’ll feel more energized and encouraged to carry on with the good work.

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A Golfing Tip For Better Control Of Your Body

The golfing tip I would like to give in this article is that by working on improving control over your body, you will in effect also gain more control over your mind.

This is simply because the mind gains more confidence that the body will be able to perform whatever instructions the mind communicates to the body.

Tip: To get the most from your equipment, you should learn to tell the difference between each type of club. Getting the ball where it should go on the golf course depends upon understanding when to use which club.

This is the single golfing tip that has the potential of transforming any golfer’s game literally overnight. Many times golfers work very hard on their minds and preparing them for the ideal golf game they would like to enjoy.

Tip: Before you begin to play your round, take a moment to get to know your playing partners. Considering how much time you spend with your fellow golfers on the course, striking up a relationship can be extremely beneficial.

In fact many business executives, who have used the power of the mind to improve their businesses or even to build huge successful businesses, fully understand the potential of the mind in improving their golf games.

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Still, many of them end up feeling discouraged and puzzled when things do not work out with their golf game quite the way they do in the corporate world.

Tip: Strike a ball with the sweet spot of the club for perfect accuracy. Instead of practicing with only one club, you should try each one to discover the best way to hit that sweet spot.

They lack the simple golf tip that the game has a physical side to be taken care of, if one is to reap the full power of a mind prepared for ideal golf.

The second part of this golf tip is that there is only one known way of gaining better control of your body and it involves exercise.

Tip: Always use a consistent tee height in order to make your drives more consistent. A tee that is too low can cause grounders, and a tee that is too high will shoot the ball high into the air, which costs you distance.

Simple weight training that is golf-specific will instantly give you much better control over your body. When you strengthen your muscles, you improve functional strength which automatically gives you more control and balance. Some people believe that weight training will cause them to lose feel.

Tip: Always stand a few feet behind your golf ball, and keep your gaze on the spot where you want it to land. Keep in mind the wind and any other weather conditions that might affect your stroke.

The weight training I am talking about in this golfing tip is not a program for weight-lifters and to build colossal muscles. This golfing tip is about the weight training specific to golf that conditions muscles used in golf and builds up strength.

This kind of program rather than making somebody lose feel, in fact increases feel tremendously.

This is an amazing golfing tip that is bound to have an profound impact on your game.

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Can A Golfer Do Without Golf Fitness And Exercise

Just how important is golf fitness and exercise to a golfer today in the modern game? Can a good amateur or even professional golfer do without it and still maximize their potential?

Will they still be able to enjoy their game and see constant improvements or at least consistency in their quality of play?

Tip: Having your arms limber and in shape is vital to having a good swing. Workout, stretch, relax, and get massages whenever you are able.

Those golfers who ask these sorts of questions about golf fitness and exercise sometimes nostalgically cast their minds back to the so called good old days of the golf game when the game was strictly a leisure sport where one hardly needed to break into a sweat to thoroughly enjoy themselves on the course.

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Tip: It is crucial that you maintain all of your minds focus on the shot that you will be making the next time it is your turn to swing. Whether you have been hitting well or poorly so far doesn’t matter – you’re only as good as your next shot.

The modern golf game has changed dramatically and permanently. Although golf is still very much the leisure sport that has given pleasure to thousands over the years even with the golf fitness and exercise programs. If anything these golf fitness and exercise programs have given many more people a chance to master the game much faster and really get to enjoy it.

Tip: If you are having difficulty shifting your weight throughout the swing and find yourself leaning backwards after impact with the ball, try spending some time practicing at the range using a baseball-like approach. As you swing, your forward foot should be slightly lifted; once you enter into the backswing, you should step back down.

Assuming that a golfer would want to skip golf fitness and exercise they would find themselves faced with one major problem. Increasingly they would find themselves frustrated and would be faced with a situation where it would seem that the standard of their game is dropping.

Actually what would be happening is that the pressure of playing against golfers involved in golf fitness and exercise programs would be taking its’ toll.

Tip: It is important to know the proper way to keep score when playing golf. The importance of this is that your score is regularly used to determine your ability as a player.

There are few things that are as infuriating and frustrating as seeing your opponent effortlessly run rings around you on the course just because they have taken golf fitness and exercise seriously and you have not.

In all likelihood the golfer who is determined to do without golf fitness and exercises, just like in the old days, would increasingly find themselves in a position where they enjoy their game less and less.

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Top Fitness Tips To Stay Healthy And Look Great

There isn’t one person in this world that doesn’t want to have and maintain good health. That is why the industry for weight loss supplements, organic foods, and exercise clubs are gaining in popularity. People want to look and feel their best and so they will jump at every opportunity that presents itself, whether it works or not. The following is a list of the best fitness tips that can help individuals to stay healthy and look great.

The first tip is all about your goals- the best goal is to become stronger, not necessarily skinnier. Our bodies have a harder time fighting illness and recovering when we are not strong so the best way to combat that is by combining a routine of cardio, strength training, and flexibility training. One little tip that many doctors have recommended is to get a pedometer to track the number of steps you take in a day and make your goal to reach 10,000 (5 miles).

The next way to improve your health is by improving your diet. Studies have clearly shown that all of the refined white foods such as rice, pasta, bread, sugar, and flour are only empty calories with no nutritional gains. If you cut these items out of your diet, you will find that you have more energy and lose some extra pounds.

Tip: Examine your interests and find an exercise program that you enjoy now, and will probably enjoy six months from now. If you enjoy your exercise plan, you’ll anticipate it with pleasure rather than dread every day.

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Your mother probably always told you how important it was to eat your vegetables and she was right. Broccoli is one of the top vegetables you can eat for good health- it cleans your liver as well as helps to fight cancer. It is also super easy to prepare which makes it a great choice- just cut it up and steam or microwave it.

Vitamin D is very important in keeping your body healthy and the majority of individuals are not getting an adequate dose of it. This vitamin helps you to absorb more calcium which is crucial for your bone strength, strengthens your immune system, reduces inflammation, controls appetite, and even protects against other types of cancer. You can either take ten minutes a day and sit in the sun or you can eat tuna, salmon, or mackerel for the best sources of this vitamin.

Last but certainly not least, you knew drinking water would be on the list. Drinking water does so much good for your body by keeping you energized, healthy, and even helps you to lose weight. Many times when you think you are hungry, in reality you are truly thirsty. As a rule of thumb, take you body weight and divide it by two, that is how many ounces of water you should be drinking every day.

In conclusion, even though there are many things that are on the market today to help “get you healthy quick,” sometimes the best solutions are the easiest. Just by some simple changes in your diet and exercise routine, and you will notice a healthier and happier you.

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Exercise Training For Golf Will Do Wonders

Exercise training for golf is what every golfer who is serious about improving their golf swing power and mechanics should be focusing on…especially senior golfers in the “off-season” or winter months.

If you’ve read any of my articles you’ll know where I’m coming from.

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“Your body dictates your golf swing!”

“A broken body will never achieve optimal golf performance”.

“You are only as good as your ‘physical limitations’ will allow you.”

You heard it hear first. My quotes above are “my quotes” that I have used for over 10 years with golfers of all ages, abilities and sexes.

I have seen it thousands of times throughout the past 10 years. Golfers getting so frustrated they want to quit the game.

They’ve taken lessons. They’ve practiced til their hands bled. And they own the latest/greatest equipment.


They are NOT playing any better!


Because their body is keeping them from what they think they can do. There is a gap between the mind and the body.

You can will a great game in your mind as much as you want, but if your body isn’t capable…it will NEVER happen!

Those are the cold hard facts.

The sooner you realize your body is the “magic bullet’, the sooner you can start your exercise training for golf and see real results.

These results will be long-lasting too!

No band-aid swing fixes that don’t even last for 18 holes.

Your exercise training for golf program should focus on your personal, physical limitations to save time and money. Eliminate your limitations and watch your golf game soar!

I’m here to MOTIVATE you…not sugar-coat it!

It’s time to regain those lost yards off the tee, and get back to shooting scores you did years ago!

Get started right now on your program of exercise for golf.

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