Are Martial Arts Good For Fitness?


Are Martial Arts Good For Fitness?

One of the biggest challenges of finding a fitness regimen that will work for you is picking something that you can stick to. Usually, people find it easier to stick to a workout plan if they choose a physical activity that they enjoy. Martial arts can be a good choice, because they are entertaining and help you to learn a practical skill while you improve your physical fitness.

Choosing a Marital Arts School

There are many different kinds of martial arts school, from karate and taekwondo schools that are suitable for the whole family to enjoy, to Brazilian Ju Jitsu schools and boxing schools aimed at adults looking for a more serious form of self defence. Before you commit to a particular school, think about your goals. Are you hopping to simply boost your fitness levels, or do you want to learn a competitive skill. Is self defence one of your goals? What about sport? Your answers will determine the kind of school which is best for you.

Assessing A Schools’ Training

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Whether you are looking for a self defence focused school, or a fitness focused school, you should assess the way that the school trains with a critical eye. The key word here is “aliveness”. The best way to improve your skills, and to get fit, is t train with intensity against a resisting opponent. If a school focuses exclusively on compliant drills, where one person stands still while the other person tests a move, you may learn a lot of different moves, in theory, but you won’t get a good workout, and you won’t learn how to do the moves under pressure. Training which is “alive” offers exercise, and helps to train your muscle memory.

How Much Do Martial Arts Cost

Martial arts training should not cost a lot of money, at least not if you train only once a week. If you want to train more often than that, then you can expect to pay a monthly fee, which should be comparable to a gym membership. Considering that you are joining a martial arts class in order to get fit, you can probably get rid of your gym membership and put that money towards your training. If you find it hard to motivate yourself to go to the gym then it makes sense to spend that money more wisely elsewhere.

Taking up a martial art, or any other sport, is a great investment. Not only will you make new friends and learn new skills, you will improve your fitness at the same time. Studying a martial art gives you a goal to work towards in the form of belts, cords, or whatever grading system your new art uses. Having a goal to aim for helps you to stay motivated, and gives you something to focus on when times get tough. If you are lucky enough to have a talent for your new art, you may even be able to compete in it and earn trophies too.

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