Exercising for Fitness, Health, and Weight Loss


Exercising for Fitness, Health, and Weight Loss

Diet alone will not help one achieve fitness, health and weight loss.  Exercise is a needed part of any plan that is set up to make sure one has better fitness and health in the future.  Without exercise there is a serious limitation on what even the best diet or eating habits can accomplish.  One can be thin and in a good weight range but till be unfit and less than optimally healthy if one does not get regular exercise.  Exercise will lead to a stronger more fit body that is healthier.  Exercise will also help with weight loss when one makes appropriate adjustments to the way he or she eats.
Achieving a More Fit Body
Stamina, muscle mass, strength and even quickness are all dependent in some measure on how much one works out his or her muscles.  Exercise can help to shape and contour muscles and with regular strength training one will see increase muscle mass and muscle definition. Over time, stamina will increase, especially when cardio workouts are intermingled with strength training.  Quickness and strength improve as one works out more and more.  Toned muscles are faster and stronger and this does improve as one becomes more fit.  These fitness goals cannot be achieved without regular exercise that keeps muscles moving.

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Achieving Better Health  
With fitness comes better health.  Improved heart health, better circulation and even better lung health tends to be present in those who exercise regularly.  Those who exercise regularly sleep better and tend to eat better because they are more conscious of the overall well-being.  As a result blood sugar and cholesterol levels can be lower for these individuals.  Fit individuals tend to get injured less often as they have toned muscles that are used to working for them, this means less strains and sprains and often much lower incidence of problems with the back a common source of pain for millions of people worldwide.  Those who are fit tend to report they simply feel better than they did before a better fitness level was reached.  Feeling better, looking better, and being healthier are very positive benefits of exercise.

Reaching Weight Loss Goals
Those who fight to lose weight and go from one diet plan to the other are far less successful than those who begin to exercise regularly and make wholehearted lifestyle changes where food is concerned.  Changing the way one eats without adding in exercise will result in some weight loss, but in order to see optimum results and to gain better overall fitness and health an exercise plan must be included.  One can start out slowly and build into a good routine that includes regular physical activity several days a week.  The results from this will be far better than changing one’s diet alone could ever be and will be far more motivating and rewarding which is important for anyone who wants to stay on a path toward better fitness, health and weight loss that will last the rest of his or her lifetime.

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