Fitness Secrets And Tips


Fitness Secrets And Tips

It’s never too late to kick start your fitness goals and give yourself a make-over. Getting fit and keeping fit is not rocket science even though many people try and fail in their fitness goals every year – usually around the middle of January when their resolutions have worn thin just after signing up for some expensive gym membership.

If you really want to improve your fitness you’ve got to follow these tips;

” You can’t improve your fitness without including some type of physical activity in your daily routine. Don’t think you’ll do exercise “when you get the time” because that’ll never happen – schedule the time into your day to take part in some type of physical activity.

Tip: Decide on a fitness routine that you enjoy, and are confident you can maintain. You will anticipate your workouts since they are fun for you.

” It is recommended that everyone takes part in around 30 minutes of moderately intense activity each day. Moderately intense is the key word here – brisk walking will do the job just fine. If you don’t have thirty minutes to spare in one lump then split your activity into three 10 minutes walks with the dog – get your heart pumping and you’ll soon see the benefits.

” Exercise buddies are a great idea and if you exercise with a friend you really are more likely to enjoy the experience and stick to your goals. You’re less likely to cancel if it means letting your friend down.

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” Keep an exercise log to record your progress. There’s nothing like seeing a little progress to encourage you to keep on doing whatever you’ve been doing . . . in fact do it more!

Tip: The best way for a person to get more out of his or her routine is to do a wide variety of exercises. If you often workout on the treadmill, try running through the neighborhood.

” Another way to build exercise and fitness into your day is to slightly rearrange your life. Nothing major you understand, but how about taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work, walking to work if you live close enough or if not parking a couple of blocks away and walking for the last ten minutes. All it takes is a little planning and perhaps getting up ten minutes earlier and your fitness levels will soar.

” Don’t forget to have fun with your fitness goals. Getting fit can get pretty boring if you just jog around the same old park every day. Encourage your family to have fitness fun with you – play games in the park, go for a cycle ride, go swimming, play hide and seek, buy a trampoline, jump rope, hula hoop – just get moving.

” Although exercise is the most important aspect of fitness you also need to remember to watch what you eat. The majority of people start exercise not only to increase their fitness but also to help them to lose weight. Remember this important fact – you get fit in the gym and you lose weight in the kitchen. It’s no good going for a thirty minute walk every morning and then calling in for a donut and double latte on the way to work, that just kind of defeats the object.

Improving your fitness is healthy and it’s fun – and once you start you’ll feel more energized and encouraged to carry on with the good work.

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