From Obesity To The Aerobics Class A Testimonial


From Obesity To The Aerobics Class A Testimonial

Puberty is a very difficult time for any teenager with hormones raging and a difficulty understanding your position within the your presenting social hierarchy. In fact, puberty can be rather damaging if you lack self-confidence and find yourself in the less popular sections of the high school food hall. I was unfortunately one of these angry, angsty, rejected individuals. I liked art, wore black and was too overweight to ever be considered attractive or cool.

As can be imagined, the ‘weirdo’ art kid in the back of the class did not have many friends. Yet, I made it through high school without any students acknowledging me beyond the occasional laughter and name-calling. I left high school and entered college as a mildly obese adolescent with an obsession for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and warm milk with honey. I thought college might be different but I was wrong.

College was filled with all these incredibly attractive young girls wearing size 8 tank tops and miniskirts. While I had never been one for that sort of clothing I was drawn to the more artistic goth groups, but even they chastised me for being an overweight geek who wants to be goth. Understandably this only pushed me to eat more chocolate and crisps. I spent the majority of my time in my dorm room living a dark life filled with vampires and bloodied corpses.

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By the end of my junior year I was known as that emo kid with an obsession with blood. Lies were spread about my desire to self-harm and potential questionable cult-like behaviors. In retrospect I might have only fueled the flames by flaunting my love of My Chemical Romance and Green Day. Yet, despite all the whispers of my vampiric worship and lesbian tendencies I still managed to fall in love. Actually, it was more a case of unrequited love.

The young man’s name was Eric and we were in the same art classes. He wore eyeliner and black skeleton gloves everyday with an alternating range of band t-shirts. I couldn’t stop thinking about how amazing he was and how we were meant to be, until I saw him with my roommate. Once can only imagine how many chocolates were consumed that night!

In the midst of my chocolaty binges which lead to a great deal of running to the bathroom to practice my gag reflex, I realized that this overeating was not the answer. By comfort eating I was merely prolonging and accentuating my problem. So, I put the chocolate down and looked up the address of a local fitness club. The college does have a fitness club but I would rather attend one were no-one knew my name.

It’s six months later and I have dropped three dress sizes. I feel fantastic and have never been so happy. The attention I am being paid is incredibly flattering and, strangely enough, the young people who disliked me when I was overweight all want to be my friend. Eric has also taken an interest but I’m proud to say I rejected him. I am now dating a young man who I met at the fitness club named Dale. I’m very pleased I decided to make that leap from obesity to my aerobics class, very pleased indeed.

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