Golf Flexibility Is A Key Component For Senior Golfers


Golf Flexibility Is A Key Component For Senior Golfers

Golf flexibility is a common term among senior golfers. Most senior golfers know they have a declining level of golf flexibility and distance. But why then do most of them not participate in a golf flexibility program?

Tip: Slicing unintentionally is something that new golfers have occur often, but can be avoided if properly addressed and enough practice is instituted. Slicing is cause by the club hitting the ball incorrectly and sending it to the right.

If you are in this group of golfers, do you walk off the course frustrated with your performance? Are you dissatisfied with your driving distance? Do you seem to have a hard time repeating a good swing for 18 holes?

The answer is right in front of you!

Tip: Despite what many pros may say, you should strive to maintain the same golf ball position for every one of your shots. This will aid you in ingraining your stance, and it will keep it consistent.

It is a known fact to hit the ball maximum yardage you need a certain level of golf flexibility that will generate clubhead speed and power at impact. This level is such that a golfer can rotate approximately 90 degrees with his upper body, and only 45 degrees with his lower body creating the “x-factor” for top level distances.

Tip: The position of your toes will help guide you towards finding proper posture for your swing. Your feet should have restricted movement to ensure you are leaning properly.

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It is impossible to do this at a certain age unless you maintain a consistent golf flexibility routine in your daily activities. Muscles that are not used (and/or stretched) lose elasticity and the ability to produce power.

Tip: One of the most important aspects of successful golfing is your stance; therefore, it is important to stand in the correct position. The distance the golf ball travels is dictated by your stance.

Along with this loss of elasticity is a rapid decline in strength. The results are subpar performances and a lower level of enjoyment of the game. This is why we see so many golfers quitting the game.

Tip: Use a neutral grip on your golf club. Lacking a tight enough grip on the club means your ball will often cut to the right of its target.

Golf flexibility doesn’t have to be a complicated issue. You don’t need fancy, expensive equipment to do an effective routine that will produce the results you want. But you do have to be aware of your specific limitations and what areas you should focus on to maximum your time investment.

Tip: If you hit a ball into the bunker, tidy up. You can always spare the quick moment that raking your post-swing aftermath entails.

Doing a golf fitness evaluation to determine your weak areas is crucial. You’ve got to have some idea of what is keeping you from a better game. Once you determine your personal limitations, you can do some simple golf flexibility exercises to greatly improve this situation.

Tip: If you want to become a golf pro, you need to know what each club is used for. By learning each clubs strengths and weaknesses, you will have a better chance of getting a better score.

It’s amazing to see how quickly the senior golfer can see improvement. I’ve seen some dramatic numbers with the golfers of my membership site and customers of my dvds and manual. The emails I receive are so motivating; I ask permission to insert them on my websites as success stories.

Tip: If you have hit your ball onto the green from a long distance, look for divot marks, and repair any that you find. High balls that fly and land on the green can create large depressions that can damage the grass and frustrate those that have to putt on them.

The human body is a machine! Treat it nicely and it will do what you want. Mistreat it and the result is ugly. The “use-it-or-lose-it” phrase is a good one. That is exactly how the body responds. With stimulus (exercise) the body responds positively. Without it the decline is rapid.

If you’re a senior golfer, participate regularly in a program of golf flexibility.

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