Good Fitness Through Your Food


Good Fitness Through Your Food

If I was going to give a person a three fitness tips the first one would focus entirely on the food that they eat. Your overall physical fitness is greatly influenced by the food that you put into your body. I’m sure that you have all heard the old saying “you are what you eat.” Well for the most part it is actually very true. If you’re going to load your body up of cholesterol and fat, then your body is going to be full of cholesterol and fat. Course the end result of that and I is going to be a heart attack, stroke, diabetes or other terrible physical ailment.

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On the other hand if you make sure that your food consists of a blotter vegetables and other atrocious and vitamin rich foods, paired with lean meats like fish, you are setting yourself up to have the body and health level of your dreams. You are giving yourself the best chance to live a long and prosperous life that will keep you healthy and independent until the day that you die.

I always find credibly satellite look at people who are fairly young and the arch when does the overweight and already have a time of health problems. This is sad because it is 100% preventable. There is no reason to be under the age of 90 and not be completely healthy. I mean that literally. If you are not over the age of 90 yeah no excuse not to be walking around, eating healthy, and enjoying your life to the fullest.

If you are over the age of 90 I will excuse you if you are in a wheelchair.

The point I want you to get here is that the food you consume will dramatically change the way your body looks and the way that it acts. Unhealthy food makes you look unhealthy. Healthy food makes you look healthy. This is a direct relationship. One will always cause the other.

The second point I want to bring up your is the types of exercise that you do and how it relates to the food that you eat. Food should always be consumed in small quantities over an entire day. By doing this you will give your body a constant stream of nutrition and energy that it can convert throughout the day in order to get maximum caloric burn. By that I mean you will not be storing fat on your body because you will effectively be giving yourself calories as you need them.

This also means that your workout will be in credibly effective because you will be giving your body a nutritious dose of food right before and right after you workout which will supply your body with the building blocks it needs to burn fat and to create more muscle. The more muscle you have on your body the faster you will burn fat and the easier it becomes to keep fat off of your body.

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