How Fitness Has Changed The Face Of The PGA Tour


How Fitness Has Changed The Face Of The PGA Tour

Professional golfers on the tour today are approaching fitness as they never have before. PGA players look to fitness for many of its benefits. Fitness can improve their game through gains in strength, flexibility, and stamina. They can prevent or minimize injuries. Playing golf is not only a recreation for PGA players, it is their job. Their financial success depends on tournament results. Therefore, they must not only maintain a superb golf game, but a fit body as well.

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Tip: Seek out a golf simulator in your neighborhood. Alternatively, you can practice your swing at home or in the backyard.

There are few players on tour who have not have revamped their fitness training techniques or gotten a fresh start within the last few years. Many players have looked to the concept of functional fitness for golf. With functional fitness for golf, players can be assured that they are effectively targeting muscles and joints used in their golf swing. This type of exercise programming gives them an advantage over their competition.

Tip: The key thing to consider when looking for a powerful swing is using both your upper and lower body to create momentum through the ball. Novices tend to have the belief that strength is drawn primarily from the arms; however, using arms alone generates nothing but weak, ungainly swings.

How exactly do the PGA players train? First, their fitness level is determined. It is a common practice for golfers to create goals for their golf game. It is popular to also produce fitness goals. Second, a personalized exercise program is generated which involves weight training and endurance improvement. Third, the exercise program must be followed on a consistent basis to achieve maximum results. PGA players have a busy schedule and must make time to fit in their workouts.

Tip: Ensure maximum opportunity for consistency with your drives by always using the same tee height. If you tee too high, you will sacrifice distance.

Even if you are a recreational golfer you can still follow the trend of being functionally fit for golf. It would be wise to have your fitness level determined by a certified fitness professional. You might not workout at the same level as Tiger Woods, but you will see benefits in your body and golf game.

Many professional golfers are spending less time on the course and more time in the weight room. They have seen concrete results through longer drives and increased stamina. Top level golfers are always searching for ways to rise above their competition. Adding fitness to their training regimen provides the step up to the next level.

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