How To Choose The Right Pole For Dancing


How to Choose Pole Dancing Poles

By Suzanne Jones


Pole dancing is taking the world by storm. Aside from the fact that it is a fun hobby, it can as well replace the gym. Yes, it is true that pole dancing is a great exercise if one wants a healthy and sexy body. This kind of exercise can tone the different muscles in the body and can as well improve flexibility. But, pole dancing is not as easy as climbing a tree, thus safety must always be observed. And in order to be safe, the very first thing that an individual needs to check is the kind of pole dancing poles that is to be used in rehearsals and actual performance.

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The Safety Factor
The pole used in the dance can affect a pole dancer’s dance or performance. It is critical to choose the appropriate pole. There are a lot of factors that must be considered; factors like your weight, the ceiling height, transportability, the tricks that you plan on doing, how often you are going to use it and more. The pole of your choice is very vital for your safety. The material is as well another consideration that individuals must never take for granted.

The Pole Types
There are four types of material that can be used in the making of poles namely titanium gold, chrome, brass and stainless steel. Here are some tips to choose and determine the different materials of pole dancing poles:

Titanium gold dance poles. These poles are gold in color. These have an electronically coated surface, which increases the grip.
Chrome dance poles. Poles which are made from chrome have a stainless steel like texture and have silver color. But, compared to stainless steel poles, chrome poles offer more grip.
Brass dance poles. Poles made from brass are gold like titanium gold poles and are shiny and smooth. This is recommended for more advanced pole dancers because it offers more grips.
Stainless steel dance poles. Stainless steel poles are silver poles which are very easy to cl… Read more

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