How To Define Your Workout Goals



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Defining Your Workout Goals
If you have decided that you want to build muscle and reshape your body you will need to implement a workout regime that will help you gain muscles.
Choosing a workout plan is all about knowing what you want.
Which muscles do you want to focus on?
Or are you looking for a full-body makeover?
Either way you will have to work each muscle group separately and at different times in order to maximize the benefits to the muscles and encourage the greatest growth. Here a few workout tips sure to get you started on the right path.Get a Wash-board Stomach: Arguably the most complained-about body part among those looking to improve their appearance is the abdominal area. To achieve this, you must both strengthen the abdominal muscles and burn the fat that is layered over these muscles. Effective exercises to get your abs shrinking include planks, in which you support your body in a push-up position on your elbows, making sure you are a straight line from shoulder to hip, for periods of 30-90 seconds or more depending on your shape. Basic crunches can be very effective if done correctly, meaning they are performed using your ab muscles and not your neck. Adding weights increases the intensity and really build muscle. By adding a twist to the side at the peak of the crunch works those stubborn obliques.Be Your Own Back Up: A strong back isn’t just attractive, it helps keep your entire body healthy. Building these muscles means controlled, precise movements that train the specific muscle groups that make up the entire back. One such exercise is dumbbell rows. Holding a hand weight and supporting yourself with one knee on a bench, lean over and pull the weight from right above the floor up to your side by bending your elbow. Be sure to contract the back muscles a little harder at the peak of the rep and hold for a beat. Another exercise is aptly called the “Superman”. Lying on your belly with your ankles together and your arms stretc… Read more

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