How To Find Time For Fitness When You Are A Mom


How To Find Time For Fitness When You Are A Mom

There never seems to be enough time in the day when you are a mother. Between household chores and making sure your kids are at band practice on time, when are you supposed to find any time for yourself? You eat lunch on the run, it is rare that you have time to indulge in your own hobbies, and forget about finding time for fitness! The problem with not finding any time for your own fitness needs is that your body will suffer. If you are not running at your best, how do you expect to provide everything your family expects from you? Here are a few helpful ideas on how you can get some exercise time into your day.

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While you do need to get your sleep, is getting up an hour earlier every day an option? Whether you join a local gym and slip out of the house every morning before your children are awake, or you hit the roads for a run, getting your fitness in first thing every day could be the answer you are looking for. Once you return from your fitness time, you can get on with your day and know that you have taken time to tend to yourself first.

If this is not an option, is there time during the day you could join a mother’s fitness group? This is a particularly good option for those moms with younger babies who are still in strollers. Several times a week these groups gather at local parks and schools to power walk or run together with their children. It is a wonderful way to have social interaction time and work out those muscles. You can never have too much fresh air, and you can have conversations with those who are facing similar child rearing issues as you.

Tip: Purchase a new workout toy to give yourself some motivation. This can be a new water bottle or a new athletic top.

The next thing you need to do is find ways to incorporate bursts of exercise into your daily routine. As an example, when you visit the grocery store, do not take that park right next to the front door. Park at the back of the parking lot (provided it is safe to do so) and walk a little bit further to do your shopping. Take the stairs instead of the escalator when you take your next trip to the shopping mall. Do some weight lifting using food cans when you are putting your groceries away. Purchase a 10 minute power exercise or yoga DVD and slip it on while your kids are preoccupied with their homework. There are a lot of ways you can increase your fitness intake during the day. They may be short bursts but when added together they sure add up.

As you can see, being a mom is no excuse for not tending to your fitness obligations. Instead you are just putting it off. When you increase your fitness levels, you increase your energy levels. At the end of the day that is going to be the biggest benefit you can gain.

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