In Home Golf Fitness Is Easy And Convenient


In Home Golf Fitness Is Easy And Convenient

In home golf fitness can be more effective than belonging to a gym, paying monthly dues, and dealing with all the “muscle-heads”. Many golfers think they need fancy golf fitness equipment or a gym membership to be successful with their golf improvement program.

Not so!

Tip: You need to find out how to correctly grip your club when you are learning how to play golf. A common mistake many players make is thinking that a harder club grip means they can power the ball farther down the fairway.

I have designed all the programs in my membership sites, dvds, manual and ebook to utilize minimal equipment in the convenience of your home. Many of my customers and members have been shocked at their results with in home golf fitness equipment as simple as exercise tubing, a stability ball and hand weights.

That’s it!

Tip: So, your ball has landed in the sand; therefore, you should be courteous to the golfers who are behind you! Try to take some time to rake up the area that you took the swing at. The footprints and spots that you leave are disastrous for those playing after you.

For all of a “one-time” cost of under $60 you can have your total “in home” golf fitness gym. I’ve now eliminated the reason (excuse) that you need to belong to a gym or spend hundreds of dollars in equipment.

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Tip: If possible, watch and golf with stronger players to observe their technique. Even though you will feel the sting of losing, the game will be a learning experience for you.

I’ve also eliminated the reason (excuse) that you have no time. All the programs I’m referring to are to be done in the convenience of your home saving you hours per week. This includes the time it takes to commute the gym; getting showered; and the time it takes to get back to where you need to be.

Tip: Regardless of whether you are in a rush to make your tee time, try to squeeze in a few shots at the range before heading to the first tee. These practice shots help so you don’t get off to a cold start.

Coming up with golf fitness programs using just the above equipment can be fun, challenging and reduce boredom. The programs I design incorporate both strength and stretching within the same program, saving you even more time and killing two birds with one stone.

Tip: Be certain to properly line your feet up. This will help you improve your swing.

More and more golfers are realizing they can do almost as much with in home golf fitness programs as they can in a crowded gym…with all the privacy they want.

Tip: One unavoidable part of golf is that your ball will frequently get lost. If you ever invest in an expensive golf ball set, consider saving the balls for important competitions, or for impressing business associates on company golf trips.

I have always said that exercises done on a machine in a gym that isolate one muscle group while sitting is the farthest thing from a golf-specific exercise. Golf utilizes every major muscle group in the body, and in a sequential movement pattern. Sitting in a machine will not improve your body for golf.

Tip: When standing over the ball, make sure you take a nice deep breath. This will eliminate stress and help you concentrate on hitting the ball.

The beauty of hand weights, tubing and balls is the ability to put your body in the exact same positions you’re in for your golf swing. The more exercises you can do that simulate your golf swing, the bigger the benefit will be.

Tip: Consider stepping into the swing if you find that you are having trouble adjusting your weight during your downswing. If you will lift your forward foot slightly on the backswing, then step back as you make the shot, you will be able to feel the way in which your body must transfer its weight forward as you swing.

You will also be more apt to stick with it when you realize it will definitely improve your golf swing power and distance. Linking golf and fitness creates a commitment level that’s not there with general (gym) fitness programs. Knowing your in home golf fitness program will help you play better and also feel better is a motivating factor.

When you get that itch to improve your game through fitness, don’t think you need to join a gym. All you need is a little bit of space in your living room to start your in home golf fitness program.

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