Keeping Up With The Rhythm Of The Power Yoga Music


Keeping Up With The Rhythm Of The Power Yoga Music

Power yoga originated from classical Ashtanga and Vinyasa styles of yoga which given some modifications to fit today’s lifestyle. It is modern and westernized; reasons why this yoga became popular in fitness centers and gyms around the world. The inclusion of an upbeat power yoga music is one of those modifications adopted.

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Traditional yoga focuses more on meditation through pranayama (breathing) and asanas (poses). Music is generally not advocated because it tends to slow down or even obstruct the clearing of the mind process which is essential in meditation. If ever music or sounds are used, these frequently fall under a different genre-natural sounds and music fit for chanting.

In power yoga, except for an opening Sanskrit prayer, chanting is minimally used. There is a graceful vinsaya (movement) as one shifts from one asana to the next while maintaining the vigor and demand of the routine. The flow of movement is infused with more effortless grace as power yoga music is used to drive up the rhythm of the vinsaya. The flow is natural and motivated as one steps up with the rhythm. Power yoga is more tiring than classical yoga, and having music helps one focus more on the music and less on the asanas. The effect of the power yoga music to topwer yoga is posiyive as it helps clear thoughts while it is discouraged in classical yoga as it may impede with meditation. Mastering the asanas is essential in yoga. Mastery will remove thoughts from the movements of the body and focus more on the music and meditation.

Tip: When you are able, go outside to do your work. There are many outdoor activities that are great for your health.

By listening to power yoga music, teachers can decide on the types, beat and the asanas that will go with it. These must be practiced before holding classes to ensure that the smooth shifting between asanas will be executed well. The internet can provide many choices. It is easier to make a choice when there are options to select from. You can get samples for free. Take time in the selection. Being cognizant of the levels of fitness of the students in the class can help you select more conciously.

Do not forget that the power yoga music you need is something that has a pace conducive to meditation, but fast enough to promote the rigors that come with power yoga workout.

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