Keys To Maintaining Overall Health Fitness


Keys To Maintaining Overall Health Fitness

How would you define “fitness”? Perhaps an image of a well-build man, or a woman with an hourglass figure comes to your mind. While these can, indeed, be models of physical fitness, there are many important aspects to attaining general fitness of health. In addition to physical wellness, there is emotional, and psychological fitness that, when combined make for a healthy state of wellness or fitness in a person.

What are some ways in which we can improve our wellness, or fitness no matter where we live or how much money we have? When it comes to physical fitness, we must care for our bodies in the best way possible for our personal circumstances. If we have the resources at our disposal to visit a medical doctor for regular checkups, this will do much to make sure that we are physically fit.

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Getting proper exercise is an important aspect of physical fitness. We need not be marathon runners or avid sports players to be physically fit. While it is recommended to engage in aerobic activity three to five days a week, one need not invest in a gym membership in order to do so. Briskly walking 2 miles five days a week, or 3.5 miles three days a week will do the trick. Even making simple changes in our daily routine can help.

Tip: When you first start working out, you may want to hire a personal trainer. Your trainer can help you to set up a suitable program so that you can reach your goals easily.

If you have a rather sedentary job, and are quite busy throughout the day, changes as simple as parking your car further away in the parking lot, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator to your office can contribute to better physical health and fitness.

Not to be ignored is the need for sufficient rest. Not only does being well rested help your physical wellness, but your emotional and mental wellbeing as well. A famous proverb says: “Better is a handful of rest than a double handful of hard work.” As in many cases, there is a good balance to be achieved between work and rest; both are necessary to maintain physical, mental and emotional fitness.

In addition to exercise, and proper rest, a healthy, balanced diet is also essential for good, well-rounded health. Daily foods should include fruits, green leafy vegetables, dairy products (or supplements if one is allergic to dairy), whole grains and essential oils. If your diet is currently lacking in vitamins or minerals, consider the option of buying and taking a daily multi-vitamin. You may be surprised at how much more energy you have after taking a vitamin supplement.

Tip: Be fearless when approaching a new exercise program. Biking is another alternative you can try.

For emotional wellness, healthy interaction with people is necessary. Though we may live a very busy life, taking a few minutes to talk with our elderly neighbor, or our workmates is part of maintaining a well-balanced emotional state. There is happiness found in giving of our time to help others. So when feeling a bit down, or isolated, see if there is someone you can assist in some small way. Doing so will not only brighten their day, but yours as well.

Surround yourself with positive friends who will help you in your goals of maintaining healthy mental, emotional, and physical fitness. Set goals together for improving your overall fitness, and you will have the joy of seeing happy results.

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