Proper Fitness Foods


Proper Fitness Foods

With every year that passes by it becomes just a little bit more difficult to keep yourself in shape. Fitness is not easy as you age. At least it is not easy if you do not commit to a lifestyle that promotes fitness. The reality is as we age our bodies slow down and become more prone to injury. The less you make fitness part of her life the faster this degradation will take place. being fit is the best anti-aging medicine that you could ever take.

So how do we stay fit and if we are out of shape how do we get it? This is something that people have been debating for years. The truth however, is that the methods for getting and staying fit really are not all that different today than they were 50 years ago. It is not like humans have gone over some evolutionary change that has altered the way we fundamentally work. Fitness always comes down to two very simple factors. The exercise that you get and the food you nourish yourself.

Eating right is the first step to attaining a very fit body and to living a very long and prosperous life. When you eat properly or not only feeding your body food that will keep it healthy and strong you are also feeding your brain food that will keep it firing at a very high level. Basically good food helps your muscles and helps those neurons in synaptic connections in your brain stay strong.

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Tip: Walking is a good way to boost fitness. Be sure that you are getting the most out of the time by walking briskly and squeezing your muscles as you go, placing your heel down first.

The types of food you should be eating if you want to make fitness a part of your daily lifestyle are basically majority vegetables, followed by fruits, followed by a small portion of protein. The protein on your plate should always be the minority of the food. If you were to divide a plate up into three sections I would have the largest portion, say about 50% the vegetables. The next 30% I would ideally make fruit, the final 20% would be the protein.

What happened in modern times is that the ratio of protein to vegetables has completely flipped. On most people’s plates 50% of their meal consists of the protein. This has created a major imbalance in most people’s bodies that is very hard to correct and promotes the growth of disease. Remember vegetables and fruits are the key elements to developing long-term fitness and health.

Protein is still extremely important because it is the building block of muscles, but it should always be the minority of food that you consume.

Looking at protein specifically I do not want to restrict you too much on the types that you consume. So long as you were keeping the protein consumption down to about 20% of your caloric intake you can pretty much eat whatever type of protein you want. However if you can try to make the majority of those protein calories come from fish followed by chicken and turkey. Ideally you would limit red meats down to a occasional treat.

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