Acai berries


acai berries

The Roots of Acai Berries


The roots of acai berries, the effective characteristics from the acai berries is an optimistic effect of their roots. Local citizens harvest the fruit from remote regions of the Amazon Jungle in South America roughly two occasions each year.

Local people used it for 1000’s of years, as the acai berries was brought to the Western population within the 1990’s.

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The super-fruit develops around the acai berry palm, that is typically located in swampy areas. Because of its pristine roots, the acai berries is definitely an organic fruit that without treatment with chemicals or pesticide sprays. Consequently, the fruit consists of a lot of essential nutrition and minerals that keep your body fit and healthy.


The acai berries resembles other dark berries and it is how big a grape. The color is dark crimson and almost black. The physical composition of acai berries includes 3% of berry meat and 97% berry seed.

To be able to keep your original nutrition intact, the acai berries is freeze-dried for transport because the fruit starts to weaken after 24 hrs from harvest. Trustworthy firms that provide high-quality items make use of this method.


This super-fruit comes complete with vitamins, omega essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants that fight-off disease, promote a young appearance and enhance weight reduction efforts. Customers notice a greater metabolic process rate, more healthy digestive tract, detoxification, peaceful sleep and much more energy. These results make weight reduction simpler to ensure that a person is more prone to succeed.

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The Acai Berry Is Not The Only Great Fitness Berry

These days, Acai berries and a few other sorts of odd fruits have been touted as being super fruits that have it all when it comes to promoting health and fitness. Acai berries are very good for you indeed, but they are not the only super berries, and they are outrageously expensive thanks to high powered marketing. If you cannot afford Acai berries, or if you just want to get more for your money, why not enjoy some of the easily available super berries you can get in the produce section at your local supermarket? Read on for a guide to everyday super berries.

Blackberries are truly super. They are filled with polyphenols that fight bone disease, cancer and cardiac disease. They grow in abundance in the United States. In country settings, you can still pick them wild. If you have a sunny garden area, you can grow them. If you have a supermarket nearby, you can purchase them fairly reasonably in season. Out of season, you can purchase them frozen for a fairly reasonable price. Blackberries are great as a snack, added to a smoothie, mixed with oatmeal or cereal or any number of other tasty treats.

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Tip: Before starting a bench workout, examine the padding of the bench by pressing down your fingers on the cushion. If the padding is so thin that you can feel the wood on the bottom, look for a better machine.

Raspberries are similar to blackberries and can be purchased fresh seasonally at your local grocer or frozen year round. Raspberries are rich in manganese, fiber and vitamin C. They can be enjoyed in baked goods, cereals, smoothies and more.

Blueberries are native to the northeastern portion of the United States. They are filled with manganese and flavonoids. Eating blueberries regularly will help keep your brain fit as you grow older. Additionally, their high manganese content will help stabilize your metabolism to keep you fit and trim. Blueberries are available fresh in season or frozen all year round at your local supermarket. They are excellent in muffins, pies, smoothies, hot cereal or just munched raw or even frozen.

Tip: Proper hydration is essential if you plan to exercise for a period of more than thirty minutes. Hydration is key towards completing every workout efficiently, without proper hydration your body cannot function to its potential.

For women, cranberries are definitely super berries. They help fight against urinary tract infections and ovarian cancer. In the event you have been diagnosed with cancer, eating cranberries or drinking pure cranberry juice with no sugar added will help support your chemotherapy treatments. Additionally, cranberries help the body maintain a proper pH level for good overall health. Most people only think of having cranberry sauce during the holidays; however, it is easy to make homemade cranberry sauce from fresh or frozen berries and enjoy it any time of the year. Cranberries are also excellent for use in baked goods.

Delicious strawberries are abundant in the spring. They can be purchased affordably at your local market or grown in containers on your patio or balcony. They are available frozen all year round. Strawberries are filled with heart-healthy folic acid and vitamin C, and eating them regularly will help keep your teeth white. Strawberries can be enjoyed in smoothies, with short-cake (for an old-fashioned, less sweet alternative use a half a biscuit) , with yogurt or just plain.

Tip: Your exercise routine should target the weakest muscles of your body first. This can help to develop your whole body so that you get to a state of equilibrium.

Cherries are power packed with antioxidants that help fight inflammation throughout the body, lower triglyceride levels and keep high cholesterol levels under control. Snacking on cherries helps you lose weight with solid, low calorie nutrition coupled with a boost for your metabolism. Cherries are available at fresh at your local grocery store in season or frozen all year round. They are great to snack on and excellent baked in a pie. Remember that if you do your own baking, you are in complete control of ingredients, and pie does not have to be mostly sugar!

The truth is, all berries are power-packed when it comes to health, fitness and nutrition. Refer to the information provided here to enjoy a healthful super berry adventure of your very own.

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