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Sweaty Power Yoga Calories Burned

Power Yoga is a mixture of Ashtanga and Vinyasa (Vinyoga) yoga, to make it more attractive to the people of the modern fitness world. It is the most frequently adopted yoga in gyms and many fitness centers around the world because in power yoga calories burned is greater than traditional yoga. Or else it will not be called sweaty yoga.

Doing power yoga calories burned fast because it consists of a series of difficult postures which get to be more complicated with mastery and in due time. These steps flow from one pose to another smoothly and gracefully. These poses are learned and executed in a graded manner towards greater difficulty and requiring greater intensity level. This is the reason why a lot of fitness enthusiasts favor power yoga, the challenges seem to go on and on. Once one series is mastered, another is waiting filled with more challenges while instilling more focus and discipline.

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Many yoga poses and routines are oriented towards muscle toning, flexibility, balance also great mental benefits. Power yoga does more than that. Doing the vigorous routines and seemingly endless challenges of complicated poses of power yoga calories burned is guaranteed. The yoga is appealing to many fitness enthusiasts since it can level up with their many varied fitness levels. The challenge is also never ending since after a mastery of level there are still more asanas to learn, do and master.

The amount of calories burned in doing power yoga depends also on certain factors like the weight, the amount of time doing the exercise and the kind of exercise or routine that is done. You can compute the calories you are burning by using the calorie calculator available in the internet. If you feel that doing the power yoga calories burned is less than your target, you may combine it with other cardio exercises in the gym. Asking the instructors in the gym can help as they can suggest something appropriate for your fitness level and how to execute it correctly. Unlike ordinary gym routines, power yoga can provide benefits not only for the body but for the mind as well.

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