Life Changing Prana Power Yoga

What do people want in prana power yoga? Being power yoga, it has been modified to fit the contemporary lifestyle but still managing to retain the Ashtanga and Vinsaya philosophies. Improving strength, resistance and dexterity for the body remain to be its goals. Its uniqueness lies in its ability to transform the frame of mind into one of heightened wisdom, freedom and compassion. It gives life a new meaning and the yogi a deeper spirituality.

Prana power yoga is dedicated to the study and practice of yoga as a path or journey towards a better self. This is done by practicing the asanas or poses along with a music that provides the beat to its flowing movements. The studio can either be heated or unheated. It can be strenuous, hot and sweaty especially when done in hot studios, but the movements are easier because it lacks the extreme bending of muscles. Despite this, it still works deep within the body.

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Understanding the different needs of people, most studios these days offer prana power yoga classes of varying intensities. There are even routines, vinsanas and asanas that are safe even for pregnant women and children developed for such purposes. The routines are graded so that more advanced yogis can still be sufficiently challenged. Even fitness instructors and experts can still find a long list of asanas which they can learn, practice and master.

Tip: You can use a belt with weights in it when you are lifting heavy weights. Overuse of belts can have detrimental effects.

Prana power yoga is said to be useful in weight loss and management. Breaking out into heavy sweat is expected having vigorous pace which match the prana music or acoustic. Since it instills spirituality without pressure, the entire lifestyle and attitude is modified. Getting into the desired weight and keeping it down naturally come as breathing or pranayama becomes part of life. The provision of a steady supply of oxygen is thought to help in the good flow of electrolytes and nutrients in the body. This results in the enhancement of metabolism and more efficient use of nutrients for health.

Prana power yoga is a positive way to foster a good lifestyle as a whole complemented by a healthy body, sound mind and a serene spirit. A path which takes you to such positive life makes it a path worth traveling.

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