The Evolving Power Yoga Workouts


The Evolving Power Yoga Workouts

The start of modern yoga begun in 1927 which Krishnamacharya has started. His approach included the flowing movements and the accelerating, graded routines which continue to challenge even the most advanced health buffs. A loyal students of Krishnamacharya, Pattabhi Jois has pioneered the power yoga workouts until it was brought to the west by the American Bryan Kest.

Power yoga workouts have drifted from the Ashtanga yoga (which is the core of the classical yoga), and the kind of power yoga advocated by Krishnamacharya and Pattabhi Jois. The name ‘power yoga’ has been coined by Berryl Bendere Birch, the author of a power yoga book. Power yoga workouts done in many gyms today have been extremely modified. The routines include many repetitions of lunges like the Warrior poses and the extended side angles. What makes this approach appealing is the way a lot of aspiring yogis can manage to follow and perform the asanas.

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Just like in a typical workout, power yoga workouts commence with a warm-up to prevent injuries by conditioning the muscles and stretching them. The Sun Salutation Pose is also an important part being a tradition of Ashtanga yoga. The power yoga proper consists of a series of yoga poses or asanas and movement or vinyasa which are synchronized to one’s breathing. With yoga music or acoustic, the result is a fluid movement which is expresses balance and harmony of the body but also of the mind. The tempo of the music helps in setting the pace of the workout. The transitions must be steady, fluid and the asana held for more than five breaths to elevate physical endurance and focus.

Despite modifications and all, power yoga workouts must still focus on the general goals of yoga which is the union of the body, mind and spirit. The body is developed by the asanas. The mind is cleared with the relaxation and cleansing which go with the practice. The drive to commit towards a disciplined life of health, harmony and balance comes from a nurtured spirit.

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