There Are Lots Of Easy Ways To Get Fit For Fun


There Are Lots Of Easy Ways To Get Fit For Fun

Lots of people think that getting fit and staying fit is boring; however, nothing could be further from the truth. There are so many fun and interesting ways to stay fit. Read on to learn how you can get fit and keep fit without tedium and drudgery.

Tip: Often, people try to improve their fitness through weight lifting. If you want to improve your fitness, you only really need six simple exercises to work out all of your muscles.

Take a look at your daily schedule and just add in fitness wherever you can. Being fit means moving around more, so make the choice of motion every chance you get. Walk instead of driving, take a stroll after dinner. Be sure to do something active on your breaks at work instead of sitting around smoking cigarettes. Climb stairs instead of standing still in an elevator. Listen to music and dance or do a workout video instead of sitting on your heinie watching television.

Tip: One way to incorporate fitness into your life is to begin a garden. A lot of people are surprised to find that starting a garden is actually a lot of work.

Make healthy choices throughout each and every day. Whenever you are confronted with a choice of foods, make the healthier choice. This helps even if neither choice is particularly good. By consistently choosing to go with the less sugar, less salt, lower carbohydrate choice each and every time you eat, you will make a difference in your fitness level. Make a strong effort to stock your own kitchen with healthy, whole foods such as lean, fresh protein choices, whole grains and lots of fresh fruits and veggies.

Tip: Record each thing you do on a daily basis. Everything from the exercises you complete, to the foods you eat, need to be written down.

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If you are very overweight and/or in very poor shape, be careful not to overdo it with a diet that is too stringent or an exercise plan that is too difficult. Instead, make small changes in your diet by adding healthy choices and gradually eliminating poor choices. Add a little bit of exercise to your daily routine. Remember you do not have to sweat and raise your heart rate to gain benefit. For very healthy people, vigorous exercise is optimal. If you are in poor condition, adding a gentle swim, walking, doing light yoga and stretching are all good ways to get started.

Tip: When you use wall sits, you can improve the strength of your legs in not time at all. Choose a spot along a wall where you have plenty of space to do the exercise.

In addition to making active choices throughout your day, you should also give yourself some exercise options for your down times. Sometimes you will want to sit and watch television, but that does not mean you have to be absolutely still or that you have to consume junk food! Keep a set of light dumbbells next to your chair and do a little light weight workout while watching your favorite TV shows. Get a pedal exerciser to take a little bike ride while watching. Squeeze a tennis ball to strengthen your hands, or roll it under your bare feet to relax the soles of your feet and strengthen your calves. Remember to eat grapes, berries, cherries or other super foods while watching TV, and drink plenty of fresh, purified water.

As you become more and more fit, you will find yourself wanting to increase your activity level. When this happens, you may want to take a daily swim, join a walking group, take your dog to the beach more often, take up square dancing or any number of other fun and interesting activities. When you get in the habit of doing, you will soon find there is always something exciting to do. Follow the tips presented here to transform your life and get fit for fun.

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