Tips On Staying In Shape During Your Travel


Tips On Staying In Shape During Your Travel

If you have just established yourself in a fitness routine, you may be concerned about getting off course when you have to travel. If you have to be away from home for a length of time, you will not have the same routines during that time. In order to maintain your fitness momentum, you should plan ahead so your will have an opportunity to stick to your fitness plan. Read this article for some great ideas on staying fit during your travel.

Tip: Examine your interests and find an exercise program that you enjoy now, and will probably enjoy six months from now. Choose an activity that you enjoy, this will help you to look forward to your exercise routine.

The easiest thing to do is to make reservations at a hotel that has a gym. A lot of the bigger hotel chains do provide a workout room with exercise equipment and a nice swimming pool. This will enable you to fit in some time in the work out room or to swim a few laps. Just be sure that their hours of operation fit into your schedule.

Tip: Do you want to increase the intensity of your workout? Stretching can increase your strength by as much as 20%. Be sure to pause before and after every set of movements and stretch the relevant muscles for at least 20 seconds.

Some commercial gyms give out free day-passes for people to try out their facilities without obligation. See if there are any of those gyms near where you will be staying. If it is a national chain, then who knows? You may like the gym facilities so much that you will look for that chain back where you live.

Tip: Try counting backwards instead of forwards when you work out. For example, pick the number of repetitions you want to do and start there.

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Pack along your workout gear when you travel, and put those things in your gym bag. If you have something small like a jump rope, that is something that you can easily bring. See if there is a park nearby where you can go for a jog. Having your workout gear with you will give you reason to find places to exercise.

Tip: When you want to meet goals in fitness, it’s a good idea to pay a trainer before starting to train. That way, you are going to be likely to go to all your sessions, much more so than if you wait to pay after every workout.

There are many exercises that you can do inside your hotel room. You can bring along a workout DVD and do those exercises indoors. Stretches, sit-ups, crunches and other routines can be comfortably done indoors.

Tip: Dips are great for your body. Your shoulders, triceps, and chest all get a good workout from a set of dips.

Even if you walk around sightseeing, it will give you some form of exercise. Take the stairs instead of riding the elevator. Some historic parts of town have self-guided walking tours. This can be an interesting way for you to see the sites and get some exercise.

Tip: Vary your ab crunches with some regular sit-ups. Many people think that sit-ups aren’t a good exercise.

Fitness also involves eating the right kinds of foods. Since you will not be cooking, you are at the mercy of what restaurants serve you. Restaurants tend to serve huge portions of food to their customers. However, that does not mean that you have eat the whole thing. Just eat half of what is served to you. If you have a refrigerator and a microwave in your hotel room, you can take back the other half and eat it the next day. Just be sure to select healthy choices, like fish and poultry entrees. Avoid pastas with heavy cream sauces or big slabs of steak.

Avoid drinking soda, and stick with water instead. This is really the best source of thirst quencher you can get.

Tip: Try recorded workouts for some inspiration. Search for a TV fitness network, or look for fitness shows on-demand.

Snacking can throw off your healthy diet. Do the smarter thing and pack along some healthy snacks in your carry-on bag so you will not have to eat the unhealthy options.

So you see, you can maintain fitness when you travel. Just look for opportunities for smart choices, and you will stay on track.

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