Washboard Abs


Washboard Abs

Many men dream of washboard abs because they associate the ‘great’ six pack with real manhood, a better love life (more sex appeal), higher self-esteem and more boldness. If you go to a gym and just watch how people train, you’ll see that there is ‘planned’ chaos out there. Men train arduously, they sweat a lot, they switch free weights for machines, they use the elliptical trainer and the rowing device randomly, yet they don’t seem consistent in training at all.

Why? Because they are actually desperate to get washboard abs, and big muscles to impress others and inflate their ego. Real athletes, although they take care of their looks, are more interested in the other advantages that derive from consistent training at the gym. First of all, you can get washboard abs, only if you burn all the fat layer off the stomach. And this is not done with crunches and sit ups but with full body training. In support of physical exercises, you need to adjust your diet so that it supports weight loss and muscle gains at the same time.

Tip: m. broke Waking up a few minutes early every day and starting with a gentle exercise will get you accustomed to getting up earlier in the morning.

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This could become as difficult as it sounds, because most people act out of ignorance. In vain will you workout your abs with weights or with straight-leg exercises, if you don’t accelerate the metabolism and give the body the right fuel. This is another way of saying that you really need to work on your diet. You can do that either by turning to a nutritionist or by checking online for the meal plans of professional athletes. There are several variables to take into consideration, but with a ready made program, you have a better chance of growing washboard abs, than with a random diet.

You should also learn a few things about supplements with their dos and don’ts. There are comprehensive lists of good supplements that can truly support body building efforts, and this makes choices easier. The warning sign is given for those products that contain banned substances that pose safety threats for your health. Even if chosen correctly, supplements do not substitute for food or for physical exercises. They just support the effort, helping the muscle fiber grow faster.

Be aware of the fact that washboard abs take time to grow. Do not believe in rapid solutions because they usually lead no where. In fact, with some ‘rapid muscle growth programs’ you may do more harm than good to your body system. And recovery may prove slower than you expect. Therefore, take one step at a time and make informed decisions!

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