What Is Power Yoga To The World Of Fitness


What Is Power Yoga To The World Of Fitness

The world of fitness centers and wellness has a new favorite : Power Yoga. The name yoga associates it right away to the eastern philosophy of spirituality, discipline and chanting which to other people indicates rigidity. However, power yoga hold so much more. It is not the same as the classical yoga that it is being equated to. So, what is power yoga and why is it making waves in gyms and fitness centers around the world?

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To those who want to know what is power yoga all about, has to understand that it is truly derived from the traditional yoga. Specifically, its asanas (poses) are patterned from Ashtanga and Vinyasa styles of yoga. During the mid 1900, American yoga enthusiasts named Beryl Bender Birch and Bryan Kest, who both learned Ashtanga from master Sri K Patthabi Jois, introduced the modern version of yoga to America. It is an active version of the gentle movements and meditation of classical yoga, it also has the flowing style. They called it power yoga to emphasize its fitness-based approach. It was developed to promote its benefits to the west. Aside from its benefits ranging from enhancing strength and flexibility it also has meditation and spirituality to generate.

What is power yoga as well as how the benefits come to be? Unlike Ashtanga from which it was patterned from, it does not follow a specific set of poses. Hence, every power yoga class can be different from the others. The asanas are varying depending on the level of fitness of the students and the tempo of their power yoga music, another western addition. However, regardless of their class or fitness levels, all routines are graduated so that as one has to master one level then move to the next. This ensures that the students are challenged when they reach for perfection. That is why diligence and dedication, the objectives of strength, flexibility and stamina are gained as well as balance, harmony, discipline and focus.

What is power yoga to its students and disciples from all over the world? Power yoga is basically about physical discipline, clearing the mind and living a well balanced life where there is balance and harmony.

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